Saturday Nourishment Series: Moving & Writing with Light & Shadow

062519 Frank's trees.jpg
062519 Frank's trees.jpg

Saturday Nourishment Series: Moving & Writing with Light & Shadow


Saturday September 28, 9-12noon – Moving & Writing with Light & Shadow: Nourishing Body & Eyes with Susan & Rebecca

At the equinox, Susan & Rebecca offer a morning to expand your perspective on two things that everybody has: a body and a smartphone.

The word “photography” means “writing with light.” A photo isn’t a copy of something— it’s a story written *by light*! And light is weaving stories all around us, all the time.

Using the simple cameras that we all carry —the ones in our phones! — we’ll play with the stories of light around us and experience how changing our perspectives can change everything.

Susan will weave movement and mindfulness into the morning to practice being with light & shadow.

No experience in photography or movement needed, just bring a phone or tablet with a built-in camera and your body.

If you like, from 12-2pm, bring a lunch and savor it on the porch, on the bench overlooking the river or on a rock in the middle of it. Bring water shoes and you could even sit in the water.


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