Coaching & Mentoring

I love working with practitioners to give them individualize guidance and support and they build their practice. Coaching and mentoring may be right for you if

  • you are a Nia teacher looking to refine your teaching skills and build your classes
  • you are a Nia practitioner who is looking for a personalized plan for strengthening your practice and expanding it into your life
  • you are giving a presentation or leading groups of any kind and would like help in connecting your body, breath, voice and presence to the work you do
  • you do things with your body and would like more ease and groundedness in anything you do

Coaching and mentoring can be done in person ($150/hour) or via Skype or phone ($100/hour) and can be one-on-one or semi-private 2-4 people. And I love to get creative about this work, so let me know if you have ideas outside of what I've got here.